Yes we are. We have availability for Individual, Partnership, S-Corp, C-Corp, Non-Profit and Trust and Estate returns.

We charge by the form, so the more complicated your return, the more it will cost. If you call 503-239-0659, we can ask you some questions about your tax situation to give you a fairly accurate price quote.

We are not financial planners. We can tell you the tax benefits of contributing to different types of retirement accounts and we can tell you the maximum amount you are allowed to contribute to a retirement account. But it is best to work with a financial planner to create a comprehensive retirement plan. We have some planners we can recommend.

That is a complicated question that requires an appointment with a tax preparer. What tax is owed depends upon many factors such as the purchase price of the item being sold, how long you have owned the item, whether you used the item to earn income and what other taxable income you have in the year the item is sold. Fortunately, In or Out Tax Services, Inc. is open year round and we offer an hour of free consultation for our tax clients.

Yes. We can do returns for any state in the US. We can also do your return if you live abroad.

Yes we can! The best place to start is with an appointment. We can contact the IRS and any states necessary to determine when you last filed and what is needed to get your filings caught up. Don’t have all of your documents? We can help with that as well. Give us a call!

This can be a complicated question. Whether or not you can claim someone on your tax return depends on how the person is related to you, whether they had any income/provided any of their own support, whether and how long they lived with you during the tax year, and if anyone else could potentially claim them as well. Give us a call and explain your situation. We can tell you what the rules are.

Our hours change depending on the time of year. Our website has our current business hours. If you cannot make it in during those hours, give us a call and we will work out a time to meet that will work for you. Additionally we can do work remotely using our secure portal.

Yes, we can do them all.

This is an area we specialize in. Give us a call and we will make sure you are doing everything you are required to. We offer services from showing you how to calculate payroll and file forms to offering full-service payroll for your nanny or another household employee..

Yes—the answer is in our name. You can come in to get your taxes done or we can go out, collect documents and information, prepare the return and then bring it all back to the tax filer. Another option is that a taxpayer can give permission to an intermediary to work with us to get the tax return prepared. Unless we have a previous relationship with both the tax filer and the representative, we would need to see some sort of Power of Attorney or documentation showing the representative is authorized by the tax filer to handle the tax filing transaction.

Due to client privacy requirements, we cannot speak to any unauthorized person about any other client or potential client’s information.

Whether we prepared your return or you prepared it yourself, if you get a letter from the IRS or a state department of Revenue, it is always best to have a tax professional look it over. Sometimes the agencies are wrong, sometimes a tax form was missed and sometimes a mistake gets made. A tax preparer can help you navigate the situation and respond to any notice received. Note: this is usually outside of the tax preparation engagement and additional fees may apply.

Unfortunately, we cannot tell you how to do your taxes. We are happy to consult with clients about a change in their tax situation. For non-clients we do charge a consultation fee. If you choose to have In or Out Tax Services, Inc. prepare your taxes, the consultation fee will be applied towards tax preparation costs.

This depends upon how complicated your tax return is and how complete the information is that we need to prepare the return. We do tax returns in the order they are received in our office and we do not start a tax return until we are relatively sure that we have everything we need to complete the return. After March 1, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to complete your return by April 15th, so our advice is to make your appointment/drop off your documents as early as possible. It is also important that you respond promptly to inquiries from your tax preparer to ensure your return is finished as quickly as possible. If you need your return completed by a specific date, be sure to inform your tax preparer and bring your information in at least 2 weeks before you need your return completed.