Payroll / Bookkeeping Services in SE Portland

At In or Out Tax Services, Inc., we do some simple bookkeeping. Since our primary focus is on taxes, this is not the main function of our business, but we do offer assistance in learning to manage your books and generate reports (like a Profit and Loss statement) that will set you up for preparing your tax return at the end of the year. If your bookkeeping is more complicated, we can give you a referral to a trusted bookkeeper.

At In or Out Tax, we specialize in Household Employer payroll; a service many payroll providers do not offer or do incorrectly. If you have a household employee, think of it this way:

Remember that time when you came home after a long day at work, your kid was screaming, your nanny looked like she had been through a world war, and you spent half the night soothing your child, trying to feed yourself, and finally after a completely harrowing day you sit down to drink a glass of wine (or a pint of bourbon; or maybe a glass of warm milk), and you sigh a breath of sweet relaxation as you settle down to do your payroll taxes. You pull up that Oregon Annual (OA) form, fan yourself with your Schedule H, dip your toe in the pool of 132s, and…. No. This is wrong. You should be reading a book. You should be watching television. You should be doing anything except trying to figure out how to fill out these confusing forms. Not to mention calculating how much you should be paying your nanny after withholding and taxes are taken out. Let the professionals handle this for you.

We can help ease payroll and regulatory burdens for you. You can focus on relaxing without having to worry about the IRS or Oregon. Let us partner with you to take some of that weight off of your shoulders and support you in your ability to spend more time living your life and less time trying to figure out complicated payroll forms and tax amounts.

When you call us, you will speak to a real person, and you will reach the same people every time. We are flexible in helping you create the payroll schedule that best suits your specific needs. Not only do we believe that our clients should receive an honest value by keeping our pricing straightforward and simple, but we include all your quarterly and end-of-year forms in the monthly flat-rate price (starting at a $50 one time set-up fee, $55 a month all-inclusive for quarterlies and most end of year forms, and $5 per W2 we create in January).

We do payroll for other small businesses, but are limited in capacity. Whether you are a monthly payer or quarterly payer of payroll taxes, we can help you decipher your payroll tax obligations and even set up the tax payments as a part of our service.

Elizabeth Ellis

Licensed Tax Preparer, Certified Accounting Clerk, and QBO Certified Pro Adviser.

Sarah Davis

Sarah Davis

Payroll Administrator